Dolphin Speed

April 13th, 2012

Painting by Carol May

Dolphins are fast, everyone knows that.  They do not swim in the same way as fish, but rather glide through the water.  Their skins actually shed once every two hours in order to maintain the least possible friction in their water environment.

I feel like I’m hanging on to a dolphin and racing, not mindlessly but quickly, through so many things in life right now.  There has been tremendous progress in voice, dance, spiritual growth, languages, and for the first time in 20 years, I’m going to be in school full time getting my Permaculture Design certification.  That’s not even mentioning the related interests that are falling into my lap, or the requirements of my family.

It is leap year, and it seems I am having four years of development in one.  Perhaps that’s because the days are short.  So for the least possible friction in my environment while I’m on this crazy ride, ‘shedding skin’ and constant renewal seems the best way to go.

Simplification, letting go, not getting uptight about my rights but getting the most out of the journey – this is shedding my skin, and it needs to be continual or else I get derailed.  Every two hours sounds about right!  But with the shedding must come renewal, so growth can continue.  The monkish practices I’ve developed over the last ten months are such a grounding here, and with them to keep me anchored to the Rock, the rest of life can flow around me, and even buoy me up.

I’ll keep you posted on the wild ride.

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One Response to “Dolphin Speed”

  1. barefootmama Says:

    There is so much truth & beauty here..

    Thank you for being you! ~Brooke