Majesty and Intimacy

January 24th, 2012

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Imagine the experience of the Apostle John who lived, ate, worked and rested alongside Jesus in so familiar a way.  He knew the true humanity of the Son of Man. Both his gospel and  his letters of instruction centre on love, but also attest to the Oneness of God the Son with God the Father.   Then in his exile, he was given the visions he recorded in Revelations; cosmic in scope, breathtaking in wondrous detail

How shocking was this revelation to him?  He had met the Risen Lord in the Upper Room, seen majesty revealed there, but to see his beloved Friend at the head of an angel army, as a lamb on a throne, as a fierce rider and all the other imagery….  Perhaps it was given to John to see because he knew Christ on such an intimate level already, and could perceive Him regardless of aspect.  May God cultivate my experience of intimacy to enable me to truly see His majesty as well!

As I read the poetic prayers of the Celtic Christian tradition, I’m amazed at how in one breath they can contain this paradox of God’s cosmic greatness and His immediate intimate presence.  I spent some time in contemplation and tried to write one too.

A star-filled silhouette

encompassing the horizon,

Strider of the heavens

His steps one day to return

Took baby steps on the firmament of His own words.

His whispers still raise mountains

and the dead


in me.


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One Response to “Majesty and Intimacy”

  1. Jason Friesen Says:

    Beautifully written prose and poem.