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My Christmas Eve

December 24th, 2011

Nativity by Sarah StoneThis is the first Christmas Eve in several years that I have not lead worship for an evening or candlelight service.  My family and I celebrated Christmas early this year, and I traveled to the city to help my Dad through a major surgery.  I truly love Christmas carols, the awe and joy, especially anything written in a minor key.  But today had its own special moments.

At the hospital I played two long harp sessions for my Father, door open, and gained a few more fans on the tenth floor (it always puts Dad to sleep, but that’s a good thing).  When Mom and I went for a break down in the cafeteria, I got to ferry around a lady in a wheelchair who had no one to help her.  Her name was Angel – so it was cool to be on the giving end rather than the receiving end with an angel for once!  Then I played harp some more while we waited for the handi-bus to take us back to Mom’s apartment (Mom needs a walker), and a gentleman in a wheelchair came over to talk as I played.  He had only one hand, but I got him to try the Reverie Harp anyway, and he was pleased that he could make it sound nice.

I should also mention that I wore ridiculous bent-0ver reindeer ‘antlers’ all day.  I never miss the opportunity to be ridiculous – I’ll always be thankful for my theatre training that allows me to be uninhibited.  It gives people something to smile at, and Lord knows in a hospital on Christmas Eve everyone needs that.

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2 Responses to “My Christmas Eve”

  1. Jason Friesen Says:

    Thank you for being an angel to Angel. Looking forward to playing music with you when you get home, my love.

  2. Quinn Says:

    You too, dear heart.